Friday, 20 June 2014

Caring for planet earth 3314

Caring for planet earth

Caring for planet Earth is very important the first thing is to always recycle. Recycling is just like reuse but it is different. To recycle you have to not wasted paper it is one of  the best ways to keep Earth clean. In our school we put the milk boxes in a recycling blue bin then it goes into a truck and takes it and use it. When our school puts our fruit skin in the bin the worms come and eats it.

Reuse is when you use it more than once. Just like when we puts paper in the recycling bin then a big truck comes and take it and use it by making toilet paper or different things it is very responsibly to not wasted.

Reduce is like making smaller or less things reduce is just like planting things if there were no trees on earth there will be no oxygen and everyone on Earth will die so this is why you need to reduce.

Recycle,reuse and reduce is very important and responsibly to use on earth because if we don't do those three things some of the people on Earth will die.     



Friday, 13 June 2014

Getting ready for school

Getting ready for school

There are lots of things I do before I come to school. When I wake up for school the first thing I do is walk to the bathroom and have a shower after my
shower I brush my teeth and I wash my face. Next I put my uniform on and make my lunch. When I have finished making my lunch I put my shoes on and say goodbye to my mum and walk to school.

Friday, 6 June 2014

This is how you brush your teeth 19514

Brushing your teeth is very important because you could get infections in your teeth. To look after your teeth you have to brush your teeth every day and floss them every day. To look after your teeth you need a colgate and a perfect size toothbrush for your teeth.

When you brush your upper teeth the first thing to do is scrub and sweep to the end of your teeth. After that you have to scrub and sweep on the lower draw. When you have done that you have clean teeth and fresh breath.