Friday, 26 August 2016

Secondhand Smoking

TITLE: Secondhand smoking is harmful to.

Imagine that smoking did not exist, that will be a really peaceful world. As you can see that’s why I’m here today to talk to you about secondhand smoking just about the same as smoking but 2 times worst. Kia ora my name is Kaufana and ever since 1865 to 2016 smoking has still been all over the world.

Do you really want people still smoking around the world because in 2014 about 1 billion people were smokers, which is nearly 20% of the world. So if you see people smoking please don’t be shy about telling them not to smoke around kids  neither don't be shy telling them to quit smoking because if you don’t you're letting the world down.

In my opinion I think secondhand smoking is dangerous to anyone who breathes it in especially kids. For example imagine a classroom full of preschoolers and a teacher smoking inside with no care about the young ones. What if you were one of them would you feel OK with that. Beside this is another way to die in your early ages. As evidence, one of my family members has been threw almost dying in his early ages because of smoking.

That is why I need you guys to tell people to quit smoking, what do you think? Do you guys agree because if you don't you are making a huge mistake not only that it’s because you are letting us down.This is probably the only way I could help by stopping people to smoke. According to CDC, secondhand smoking harms children and adults and the only way to fully protect nonsmokers is to eliminate smoking in all homes, work sites, and public places.

In the past years my step dad has finally stopped smoking because of the sickness he went threw and now he is trying his best to stop his own friends from smoking not only that he saves
more money than before.

In conclusion when you grow up please don’t secondhand smoke in front of your kids or your family because if you do there is more chance of you dying in your early ages.

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