Friday, 1 April 2016

Filthy room 1/4/16

Write a descriptive story about the picture above.  
Cross out the words in your list as you use the

Figurative Language
Dirty cloths
Dirty as a pig


Stinky socks


As I was walking towards my room I got lazier and lazier, it just felt like I was about to faint.
When I open my door I was so shocked because somehow my room got filthy. It had stinky socks, spiders in every corner on the ceiling,dirty clothes lying around and toys every where.
I was so upset because I was really in a tired/lazy mood. Straight after that I ran to my mum and asked her how my room got untidy, she was just minding her own business and carried on with her Facebook. In addition I went back to my room, all of a sudden I saw my sister's toys lying around, so that gave me a clue.

After that I sneaked to her room and slowly opened her door when I saw her she tried to fake sleep, but I just caught her.  When I was waking her up she wouldn't wake up, so I just tickled her then she giggled and giggled. While we were talking I asked her if she was the one who made my room grimy, all of a sudden she didn't reply so I asked again and she still didn't reply.
When I heard my dad arrived I rushed to him to tell him to tell him. What happen next my sister grabbed me by the shirt and told me to not tell dad and if you don’t i’ll clean your room she said.

So I was so surprised when I told her to clean the room and if she doesn't I would have told my dad. She was furious but she had ended up cleaning the room. At the end of her cleaning she told me to close my eyes and follow her, in that moment I felt shocked. When I got there she told me to open my eye’s when She is finish counting up to 10. So she started 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 SURPRISE she said . I looked around and it looked fabulous I gave her a huge hug and I said thank you.     

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