Friday, 20 May 2016


WALT: Write a narrative story using a picture prompt.

Early in the morning cleaning my dirty garden I hear my dog Speedstar barking, “whof, whof, whof,.” When I turned I stared at him and he was doing all sorts of impressive moves. It looked wonderful and scary. After that I told him to come and I said to him that we were going to buy another dog so that you can play with. He was happy and excited so he went crazy and jumping around.

When it was the next day I got up early in the morning and cleaned the garden again, I turned to look for Speedstar my dog but I couldn't find him. When I went to the backyard I saw him flying in the air I was shocked my face started to blush. In addition when he landed to the ground I ran to him and gave him a huge hug.While I was talking to him I told him where did he get his flying moves from he didn't reply. So I said to him to go do it again but when he did he failed and fell down he was badly hurt so I ran to call the vet. Before that I told him he will be okay.

In a few months later my dog came back and he was happy. When he saw me he ran as fast as he could to get to me. Straight after that I gave him a huge hug. The moral for this story is to always keep your dog safe and that they may always have fun with you. Thank you very much for listening/reading I really hope you learned something.

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